What wore it better?

10 Original Cover vs. their Movie Tie-In

A book cover either makes a good impression or a bad impression, and I have always been of the opinion that it is perfectly acceptable to judge a book by its cover and it is perfectly acceptable to not love a movie-tie-in cover.

Here are some movie tie-ins that I like, and some could use some work.

1. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

I actually really like this one…

2. Literally any Nicholas Sparks book

They. All. Look. The. Same.

3. Revolutionary Road

These two covers give VERY different vibes about the tone of the book. The movie-tie-in cover looks 100% like a charming love story. The original cover… not so much.

4. Solaris
5. Never Let Me Go

The movie-tie-in cover completely covers up the eerie and mysterious nature of this book, and instead makes it look like another romance.

6. The Great Gatsby

You knew it was coming.

7. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

The movie-tie-in looks so dated and pulpy! But my oh my look at that face. Mmm. Harrison Ford you handsome devil.

8. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

SPOILERS! The original cover focuses on the mail plot and structure of the book: letters. And a great case can be made that the movie-tie-in is just one big spoiler..

9. Cloud Atlas

These two covers went in VERY different directions, each showing the times and places featured in their own way.

10. Wuthering Heights

I could have picked almost any cover for the first picture, and there were at least 15000 different covers, all were pretty okay, but I LOVE this movie-tie-in cover! This is the copy that I have on my shelf, and since I hadn’t seen the movie, I didn’t totally realize that it was for the movie.

Wuthering Heights had another movie-tie-in cover, but it didn’t tie into its own movie… it tied into Twilight. You know, sparkly vampires and the like.
When I first saw this, I honestly didn’t think it was real, but lo and behold… it very well might.
If you can’t see it, that sticker says Bella and Edward’s favorite book…

What do you guys think? Are you as opposed to movie-tie-in editions as I tend to be? Are there any you particularly like or dislike that I didn’t include?
What do you think of Wuthering Heights catering to the Twilight crowd?

I’d love to chat about it down in the comments!

And… as always… I hope your reading life is outta this world!


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