What I’ve Been Reading Lately

because sometimes life is hard.jpg

Life is hard.

And life certainly isn’t fair.

Sometimes life feels unmanageable and stressful and sometimes I just want to quite my job and move into a tiny cabin in the mountains.

Lately, I have been feeling this all up in my soul and one of the things I’ve (not-so-recently) found that helps keep me from dwelling on things I can’t control is…. Reading!

I know… shocking.

But after going through quite a long dry spell where I didn’t read hardly at all, this newly rekindled mighty urge to be reading nearly constantly is…well… refreshing. Reinvigorating. Really quite nice.

These are the books that I have been reading over the last couple of months that have kept my interest and kept me sane.

Disclaimer: none of these books can be classified as self-help or particularly inspiring, so if that is what you are looking for, tough. ☺

  1. Austenland – Shannon Hale
    • Austenland was quite a lot of fun. This book was super fluffy, but for someone who loves Jane Austen (though not nearly as much as some in this book), it was just a joyride.
  2. The Alice Network – Kate Quinn
    • This one centers around a woman spy in WWI and while it was pretty engrossing and mostly enjoyable, it had some themes that I didn’t really jive with and it did feel a little preachy to me at times, but I would recommend it to someone who either doesn’t care for a little preachyness in their books, or can look past it.
  3. Johannes Cabal the Necromancer – Jonathan L. Howard
    • I hate to call a book about a necromancer who is collecting souls for Satan by running a sort of haunted carnival as ‘whimsical’ but by golly even though I didn’t root for Johannes, this book was so stinking charming that I didn’t even care if Johannes was a barely human piece of crap. (Sidenote: if you get the chance to listen to the audio version, I highly recommend it)
  4. George Lucas: A Life – Brian Jones Jay
    • Fun fact about me: I am obsessed with Star Wars. I mean, I have two star wars tattoos for crying out loud. Star Wars may have been George Lucas’s baby, but he was instrumental int he film industry in so many more ways that I previously realized, and it was nice to learn about the man behind the magic.
  5. Practical Magic – Alice Hoffman
    • Speaking of magic, this book was just that: magical. This one falls into this whole other subset of books for me, a subset (subgenre, idk) that includes titles like Night Circus and Water for Elephants and Circling the Sun. I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly connects these books, but by golly do I ever love whatever it is. Maybe I’ll do a separate post attempting to define this…
  6. Themis Files #1-2 (Sleeping Giants; Waking Gods) – Sylvain Neuvel
    • The book opens with a little girl riding her bike through the woods, falling through the earth, and waking up inside the palm of a giant glowing metal hand. Need I say more?
  7. Rocket Men: The Epic Story of the First Men on the Moon – Craig Nelson
    • Another fun fact about me: my obsession of Star Wars opened the door for a broader obsession with space and spaceflight to take hold, and take hold it has. As the title suggests, this one is a non-fiction work all about the lead up to the first men getting their butts on the moon. Bonus: it is full of wonderful quotes from the astronauts and NACA/NASA staff which was FABULOUS.

Well there you have it. Let me know what you all have been reading lately or if you have that one book that helped you through a stressful slump.

And I hope your reading life is outta this world ☺



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